CYPHER provides affordable, accessible and tailor-made cyber security solutions for Asia-based medium and small enterprises, facilitating their business growth in the digital age.

Innovative Solutions

Need of our customers is always on top of our mind. Our cyber security testing and ethical hacking solutions are designed by our experienced security consultants with business acumen.

Business Growth

Every company in the world needs growth. CYPHER helps our clients grow safely in the digital age, and we grow together.

We help APAC SME to see from a hacker’s view by providing security assessment solutions to protect them

Our Services

Security Testing

We use the latest techniques, technologies and intelligence to simulate a real life hacking attempt, in the process identify any major weaknesses in your defence system including web/mobile application, cloud, network, IOT & human. We do our testing in accordance to internationally recognized standards e.g. ISO, NIST & OWASP TOP 10 as well as helping you comply with standards like ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOX and HIPAA.

Social Engineering Attack Simulation

Environment and people vulnerabilities can be a larger threat than network and IT vulnerabilities. We use the following tests to identify vulnerabilities: 1) Remote Social Engineering 2) Physical Perimeter Testing. A report is generated with results showing how security aware and prepared are the employees.

Security Awareness and Training

We don’t believe one way lecture style talk is effective in doing user awareness and training. We use creative approaches such as: 1) Live demo of hackers’ attack techniques in a classroom environment 2) Conduct social engineering exercises on users to test how aware they are 3) A performance review with management after test with statistics to track on user awareness.

Risk Scoring

Vendor and supply chain cyber risk management via cyber risk scoring on vendors/partners using our proprietary framework “CYPHER matrix”.

PHANTOM Platform

This is the first all-in-one vulnerability management platform with machine learning features designed to help you conveniently and effectively identify and remediate vulnerabilities real time in your network, system, web/mobile app & human before hackers exploit it.

Comply with Personal Data Privacy law
E.g. HK DPP4 - Data Security Principle
under Ordinance (Cap. 486)
Our Services Help You Achieve
Protect your intellectual properties
and sensitive customer data
Our Services Help You Achieve
Reduce the risk of a successful DDOS,
ransomeware or phishing attack
Our Services Help You Achieve
Gain trust and meet compliance
requirements from customers and partners
Our Services Help You Achieve
Website security enhancement reduce the risk
of your website being blocked,
boosting your marketability
Our Services Help You Achieve



Pay less for better quality, flexible solutions.


Experts in the field. We have the right certifications such as Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), along with global insights.


Diversity provides a unique perspective. Our team consists of experts from various fields including cyber security specialist, ethical hacker, risk manager, software engineer and financial investor.


To put your mind at ease. We take seriously the confidentiality and privacy aspects of our clients.


Understanding is key. We provide user-friendly and business relevant technical reports and easy to use products.


Speed is everything. We use a combination of ingenuity and technology to streamline and speed up the process, you have our full attention and we respond to your request quickly.

9000 Exploits/Day
3600 Systems Breached/Day
280 Threats Found

Team Credential

"We are consultants who have experience serving major brands such as The Hong Kong Jockey Club, HSBC, CTM, Santander, JP Morgan, Galaxy, Wing Lung Bank, Shui On Land, Sands China Ltd, New World Hotels & Resorts, Tiger Resorts & Entertainment (Manila), Kanuhura Maldives, Future holdings, Bank of China (Macau), Banco Galicia, SJM Grand Lisboa Palace, MGM Grand and MGM Macau, Venetian and Parisian, Chinese University and HKIX, and the Macau Government."

"Our certified ethical hackers have participated in “Capture the Flag” hacking competition, attended “Black Hat” training and joined “Bug Bounty Programs” uncovering vulnerabilities for major corporations such as eBay."

"CYPHER team consists of cyber security specialist, ethical hacker, risk manager, software engineer and financial investor."

"Certifications and courses: OSCP, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CISSP, CCNP, Extreme Network Specialist, Palo Alto CNSE, Malware Analysis and Memory Forensic, IXIA DDoS Simulation, Practical Threat Intelligence, Professional Information Security Association, ITIL."


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